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The Colour Box

‘’The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn’’

The Colour Box Montessori is an established Montessori nursery that provides a colourful learning experience to our young learners and countless opportunities to play, explore, learn, problem-solve, create, grow and thrive. The children’s needs and interests mould our educational programme that is designed to give teachers the flexibility to tailor their teaching to every child’s individual learning style. We see our children as amazing explorers, young scientists, happy learners, creative artists, independent team players, kind achievers, imaginative problem solvers. Our Montessori nursery and its holistic approach to learning values children’s voice and approaches them as active and confident learners, teaches them lifelong learning skills and prepares them for their future. At the Colour Box we learn and grow along our children, which makes it a unique learning experience for everyone, parents, teachers and children alike.

our philosophy

Dr. Maria montessori

Dr Maria Montessoriwas the founder of this unique method of teaching young children. She initially observed children and how they learn. Unlike conventional teaching, which often  instructs and installs knowledge from outside, Dr Montessori  discovered that every child is gifted with a will and love for learning, a so-called inner teacher. Her approach therefore was to assist and guide a child, meeting their needs to help them reach their maximum learning potential and to unfoldtheir unique personality. The essence of  Montessori education is that every child is treated with respect, given freedom within the limits of a carefully structured environment and allowed to develop naturally at his or her own pace. Based on her findings, Dr Montessori developed her own teaching materials and changed the role of the traditional teacher. With the right approach children 

learn willingly, so the Montessori teacher is gentle, sympathetic and full of encouragement.

About our


Our teachers are the core of our practise and the soul of the Colour Box. Highly qualified in early childhood education and 
Montessori teaching, and holding qualifications from Master and Primary teaching to level 5 in Management and level 3 in
early years, they work hard to provide the best learning opportunities, understanding the modern family needs and always
putting children first.
Evi Marami

Nursery manager

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The Colour Box

Due to COVID, Virtual Tours have become more popular and safe for all of us. Please peak into our lovely Montessori School.

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About Our


Education Programme

We are proud of the way we approach learning and child development. Our curriculum is inspired by special events and children’s interests and designed to ‘plant seeds of curiosity’ through a wide range of exciting and colourful activities. From creating artwork inspired by Kandinsky and Picasso, visiting the Royal observatory, baking banana bread and making Rocket fruit kebabs, recycling, talking about women who changed the world, make salt dough dinosaur fossils, celebrate Holi, build our own London city to our weekly STEM activities with volcano eruption and colour science experiments, we know how to have fun and learn through play.


Extra Curricular

Investing in our children and believing in their strengths and abilities, we have enriched our curriculum with Ballet lessons, Yoga and Sports to provide more learning opportunities to the children to enjoy music, express themselves in different forms, practise their gross motor skills, get to know their body and gain control of their movements.


Outdoor Learning

We love our garden! The Montessori philosophy places a great emphasis on the children’s contact with nature where ‘they reveal their strength’ and they can be free to run, laugh, explore and play. We want to encourage children’s natural curiosity and offer them a range of sensory and exploratory experiences where they can dig in the soil, observe the plants and living creatures with magnifying glasses, do yoga under the bright sun and experiment with light and shadow, reflections and colours through our STEM activities. On top of that we have created a natural green area indoors with wooden logs and play-tent to give our children more opportunities to create that strong bond with their natural world.


Parent Patnership

We want our parents to be involved in their children’s development and included in our learning journey, working together to support our children. Through an open and honest communication, parent feedback forms that give us an opportunity to reflect on our practice, the Home Learning Packs where children can have fun practising their new acquired skills with parents at home and our weekly Newsletter with information about our planning, photos and ideas to extend the learning at home, we can confidently say we value our parents as much as we value our children

Round the Year

Term Dates

Autumn Term
Start of Term: 13/09/23

Half Term: 23/10/23 – 27/10/23

End of Term: 05/12/23

Spring Term
Start of Term: 03/01/24

Half Term: 12/02/24 – 16/02/24

End of Term: 26/03/24

Summer Term
Start of Term: 17/04/24

Half Term: 27/05/24 – 31/05/24

End of Term: 09/07/24

Sessions and Timings

Morning Session (09:00 to 12:00)

Full Day Session (08:00 to 1:00)